200+ Tools That Will Save You 100+ Hours of Work

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200+ Tools That Will Save You 100+ Hours of Work

2 ratings

Origin Story

I like to bookmark tweets like πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½

They're jampacked with tools that have saved me hundreds of hours of work. But there's a problem...I've bookmarked too many of them!

I need a little organization to take action. Yes...I could subscribe to Twitter Blue and put each bookmark in its appropriate folder. But I like tables. Data tables to be exact.

I recently started using Airtable and realized it's perfect for organizing my bookmarks. So I combed through them with Airtable's Web Clipper and created The Table of Bookmarks!

Now I'd like to share these valuable tools with you.

What is The Table of Bookmarks?

This table is a curation of 200+ tools to help you avoid reinventing the wheel. These tools will save you hundreds of hours of work as they have me.


Each record has a Name, Image, Description, Category, Website URL, and a Tweet URL column.

Categories Include

APIs, Animation Libraries, Automation, Books, CSS, Collaboration, Colors, Copywriting, Docs, Education, Focus, Fonts, Icons, Illustrations & Sounds, Images, Marketing, Mockups, Movies, Notion, Payments, Presentations, Privacy, Product Discovery, Sales, Travel, Twitter, UI Frameworks, UI Inspiration, VS Code, Web Development, Web Hosting, Writing

Here's a sample πŸ‘‡πŸ½

For a more comprehensive walk through, check out this Youtube video:


I will be updating this table regularly πŸ™‚


Ways to use these tools privately:

  • Most of these tools require an email to login. Consider using Simplelogin to hide your real email address
  • I like to use Simplelogin in conjunction with Bitwarden to hide my real email, generate strong passwords, and manage my login information
  • Some of the tools in this table will require Google Chrome. I'm not a fan of Chrome's lack of privacy, but I do like having access to a few Chrome extensions. Read my article How to Preserve Your Privacy and Install Chrome Extensions with Ungoogled Chromium to learn how you can gain access to Chrome extensions while preserving your privacy
  • Startpage is great way to search the web privately. If you download their extension (I did on Ungoogled Chromium), it will block trackers & more.
  • uBlock Origin is another great blocker to consider. I use it along with Startpage.

Purchase At A Discount With Bitcoin

You can purchase this table at a discount with bitcoin here

Save the link at the top of the page after you're redirected there!

Feedback & Requests

Have any bookmarks that belong in this table? DM or tag me (@buddylasta) on twitter!

I want this!

You get view access to the Grid & Gallery views of The Table of Bookmarks


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